I create lasting treasures from clay.

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I began my Etsy shop back in 2007 from the encouragement of friends and family who I had gifted my handmade pottery and clay art. I had good success but my normal day job took most of my time and attention, and I only had the weekends to create my artwork. I didn't have the time needed to produce, list and sell as much clay art as I would have liked.
Fast forward to 2011 when I became retired and could devote all of my time to my passion, which was working with clay.
I began experimenting with new forms and glazing techniques which I am still doing today. One of my signature pieces is the "Fern Bowl". I harvest fern fronds from my backyard and roll them into clay slabs. Each leaf is then carefully cut out and assembled into a bowl or vase shape. The piece dries for several weeks before the first firing in the kiln. Then it gets glazed with a variety of colors and techniques to bring out the fern leaf texture, and to create a visually pleasing surface on the inside of the vessel. My customers love my fern bowls and vases so much that it's difficult to keep them in stock!
One of my other best selling items are my "Spirit Rattles". I love creating these, and my customers love them too! Folks like to use them for meditation and relaxation, and they love giving them as unique gifts.

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